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Marie Curie

"Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it."

"We are all perfectly imperfect." -Paula Bowden

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“Paula was so kind and warm. Right off the bat, she read my energy and it was incredibly affirming. Looking forward to more work with her!”

Nov 2, 2022

Paula has deep access to the subtle energies that make up the whole of humanity & the animals we live with on Earth. Her readings provide easily understandable insights that can be acted upon. She’s a natural who loves what she does & it shows. Her readings are a real & lasting blessing.

Oct 15, 2022
Allison P

One of my miracles this year was talking with you 6 months ago when my hip was hurting. You diagnosed what was happening and I was able to find youtube videos online to heal my hip. By the time I went to a physical therapist, he said I’d fixed it. Just need to strengthen it now. Thank you so much!

Oct 15, 2022


2 Reviews

Cat Bain

13 December 2023

13 December


TheChuck Butt

07 November 2022

07 November


The best I’ve ever had! Paula is the real deal!!