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Hello World! Welcome to my first blog. Breathe

This is my very first blog post! Hello and Welcome to my page.

My name is Paula Bowden. I’m a psychic, medium, trainer, Evidence Based Life Coach and amateur photographer. I have my MA in Organizational Development, and I’m an all around cool chick. I’m available for readings, healing, training, motivational speaking, classes and more. One of my main goals in life is to help people learn how not to react to life, but rather to respond.

Let’s start with a brief meditation.

While you’re reading this, give yourself a deep breath. You can close your eyes if you want. Many times throughout the day, we take a breath. Sometimes its on purpose, as in a sigh or when we realize that we haven’t been breathing, but mostly we are breathed. Unconsciously, the breath comes in and goes out. With your next breath, see in your mind’s eye a clear, empty bubble. Allow it to fill with gratitude for this next breath. As you breath in, attach this gratitude bubble to your breath, paying attention to the air across your nostrils or mouth, into your throat, and the feeling it has as it goes into your lungs. Breathe in the gratitude.  Breathe out anything that doesn’t allow that gratitude to fill every cell.

Gratitude and the Question

Several thought processes suggest gratitude, as well as the concept of staying in the question. Byron Katie with ‘The Work”, Access Consciousness, “Think Better” (2007) , Tim Hurson, The Creative Education Foundation (CEF),  and others suggest that staying in the question is the way to stay in choice.

I agree with this. So often we feel there is no choice. We have to go to work, earn a living, buy the house, the car or sometimes just food. That may or may not be true, but how we do it, and the creativity and choice that is used to go about the day are paramount to joy.

These are my truths:

  • if I’m in defense I lose.
  • If I believe my mind I am innocent in my actions, but it’s my responsibility to question my thoughts.
  • My thoughts create my reality
  • It’s not just me in here

Over the next few days, I’ll be exploring each of these topics. Welcome back! Follow me. Let’s get to know each other. In the meantime, happy breathing!


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