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HAIR the Musical, Life reflection and defense

So I saw HAIR, the musical in Sacramento, today. Incredible, increasing my vibration and bringing me amazing joy. “Let the sunshine in.”

To live a life of joy, be aware of what you are sending out. My first truth is “If I’m in defense, I loose.”

When was the last time you felt like defending yourself? Maybe you were driving and got cut off, and heard your inner voice explaining to no one physically present, why you got mad. Maybe something happened at work or school where you felt accused and felt the need to defend yourself from someone else’s opinion. We may feel the need to defend our opinion or for some of us, even our very existence. Once you’ve chosen defense, you no longer have choice, and you have lost. What have you lost? Your inner peace.


Find your feet. Be aware of your feet on the floor, in your shoes. If you don’t have feet, find or be aware of the farthest part of your body away from your heart. The idea is to be aware of your body. Breathe and close your eyes if it helps. Imagine an event today, this week or year where you felt the need to be in defense. Ask yourself the question “I had to defend, is it true?” and let your mind tell you all the reasons you felt you had to defend. Then, keep asking. You don’t have to come to an answer, but the freedom is in the asking. not in the defense. Watch yourself in defense. What are you putting out? What is radiating from you? Are you putting out what you want in the world? Now see yourself in the same situation but not defending. Now, what are you putting out? Is this more of what you want? We feel the need to defend when we believe our thoughts, believe our mind. You have the ability to create  your life right now. What are you creating?

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