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You’re not alone in there

It may not be yours.

So many of you may be confused about why you can’t control an emotion or feeling, despite the processes of changing your thoughts. It’s possible that you’re confused as to why an emotion won’t go away. It could be that it’s not you in there, all by yourself.

There’s a great belief that there are other entities with and without bodies you may have called upon on purpose or inadvertently to help you through  tough times. The best way to find out if an emotion or reaction is you, is to simply ask ‘is this me? and wait for the answer. Don’t question it if it is a ‘no’ – I’ve seen so many people hear no, then tell themselves ‘yes’ because they can’t believe that it could be anyone else’s because it feels so incredibly real.

Another good question is ‘Go back to whence you came, never to return again!’ If the emotion or feeling changes, quickly, then you know it wasn’t yours.

Does it matter who’s it is?

Not really. You could look at it in meditation or ask a good psychic (like me) to check it out for you. But mostly you can just let it go. Here’s the meditation

Ground your body by connecting a grounding cord from the base of your spine, to the center of the earth. Allow it to hook in, creating a good connection. If comfortable, close your eyes. Go to the center of your head, between your temples, at the sides and between your forehead and back of your head. Just see yourself there. In your mind’s eye, see an image of yourself. You can see a TV or movie screen in front of you, if it helps. You can have your favorite comfy chair to sit in. Turn on the monitor and see an image of you, a clear outline of your shape.

Think about the thing you’re thinking about. Hater clear blue energy in your hand. See yourself toss this energy onto the image of you. That which isn’t you will turn purple.

 If you want to know who it is, you can ask, and the answer may come to you immediately. You may see an image of a being without a body, or hear a name. Don’t worry about it, and don’t blame them! You’ve invited it in some lifetime, or it wouldn’t be there.

See all the pieces with grounding cords, and connect them up to the earth, or to the universe or god as you see god – whatever works for you. No matter what, let it start to drain out of you, and replace it with your energy filled with joy, happiness, laughter, etc. Open your eyes.

That’s one simple way of releasing energy that doesn’t belong to you. Happy releasing!

Peace, Paula

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