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A Few Words on Want



Before reading the rest of this post, today, take a moment to check in with your body. How do you feel. Are you in present time? If not, check in. If you have been reading these blogs, you know how to ground yourself. Be aware of your body, your clothes or chair against you skin. Be Here Now..


What do you want? As soon as you read that, you probably created a list of things in your head. Money, New Job, Freedom, New Relationship, Sex. What do you want? Make a list in your head, think of all the things you want..

Check in

Now, pay attention to your body. Are you still in present time. Are you here, now? As I noted on my tweet today, “The word ‘want’ puts your desires always out of reach, into the future. What would happen if you said ‘I have’, instead? Try it!”@clwpaula


Manifesting is different from wanting. If I’m wanting sex, I can lie here and long, be restless and frustrated. Or I can create it. While my actual desire is to be with someone in the flesh, if I close my eyes and bring the experience right here, into my bed, it is as if the experience is live.

We do the same thing creating our lives. Imagination comes into play. Take a moment to imagine one thing you want. Be fully in the vibration of having it (not wanting it). The idea is to get out of the longing sensation of wanting it and into the feeling of having it.

It’s tricky, because we have wanted, all our lives. Spent our entire beings, wanting. But now the trick is to have. You will find if you think on things you have manifested, it’s been done without effort and most likely without longing.

Asking for help

Tomorrow I’ll write about asking for help from beings without bodies, entities, spirits. Whatever you’d like to call them. We will practice receiving.

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