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Reality it doesn’t exist

IMG_2181 6So, I know that reality doesn’t exist. I know that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that everything is without meaning and neutral. The only meaning that exists is the one we give it. 

Why do we give life meaning? What is the purpose to this practice? Perhaps we are simply using our imagination. Maybe we are doing it for a source of amusement. 

Think about one thing in your life that is a cause of stress or joy. Think about the way the same situation would be without your opinion. 


Be where you are. Wherever that is. Simply be there. 

Go to that place in your head where you can turn on the tv and see your life, you. Be an observer. Now give that life you are observing a grounding cord by connecting it, the very image to the center of the earth. The cord can be  anything. Just let it drop.

In doing so you bring the image to present time. Present time is now, now, now. One could simply say ‘the present’. Each time you ground your life you bring it to the present. But don’t let it stay in or on this image. Your life is not stagnant. It’s constantly moving. 

But just for a moment, notice that when you ground your life, bring it to present time, it’s still. All the drama and karma, stop. You’re simply observing your creation. What is your life like without a point of view? Quiet, eh?

One other thing I know is that despite all this knowing, I get triggered, lit up, annoyed, frustrated, grief stricken and sad. Along with joyous, delighted, encouraged, excited and glad. 

Sometimes moving out of the annoying feelings can be a challenge, especially because I KNOW that it is all an illusion

So, when I can remember to ground my life and uncreate and destroy all that doesn’t allow for me to be in present. Right now, then I am free

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