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On Grief II

I just watched a movie that stirred such grief in me. I wonder about emotions. I write about being able to change the vibration to a frequency more desired. But sometimes grief is incredibly pleasant. I realized the degree to which I burrowed my grief. So much loss. But to what end?

Grief, sadness, overwhelm are all parts of a feeling of betrayed. In many cases, these feelings come from a sense of being the victim of something.

Have you ever had someone scream at you? Insult you? Or treat you in a way that is unconscionable? Here’s a thought. What if this person is treating you in this manner because they want to show you how they’ve been treated in the past. What if your job, rather than defending, is to offer a loving ear, a blessing or a compliment?  What if you, as a conscious being, have been given the opportunity to end the cycle of violence?  Next time it happens, whenever you feel the need to defend yourself verbally, consider thanking the person, instead.

Now, I’m not suggesting you stay in a verbally or physically abusive relationship, and by all means,   defend yourself physically if need be. I’m simply referring to refraining from hollering back if hollered at.

I had 3 experiences this last week where I was given the chance to return that which felt like an attack, with love. I replied with an equal attack, instead.

I’m not proud of this, but I’m not beating myself up for it, either. I came to my senses and apologized where I could. Make sense?

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