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If it Feels Bad, it’s Not a Truth

So often I hear my friends, colleagues, clients say to me, “I hate feeling, so and so (whatever this is). Sometimes its fear, neediness, looniness, anger, depression, loneliness, etc.

This is what I know to be true, though sometimes it’s hard to remember it. If I’m feeling something, and it feels bad, then I’m believing something that’s not true.

The icky feeling is not anything to be afraid of, it’s just information. It lets you know that  you are out of energetic or vibrational alignment with what is true.


What it is not is weakness, silliness, uselessness, time wasting or anything else like that. It is only information. Am I believing something that is not true?

Grief is a great big example of this. We feel grief at a loss when we believe that the thing shouldn’t have happened, or when we believe there is lack now that the thing happened or the person is gone. You feel the grief because you believe that there is now lack. There can never be lack. Things never ‘shouldn’t’ have happened. When you believe that, then you start to release your attachment to the ‘shoulds’, which cause you pain.

The fires in California are devastating on so many levels. I have been in suffering for 2 days knowing everything that has taken place. I feel for the people and especially the animals. As an empath, I feel what they feel, to some degree. But I finally realized that I was making myself suffer when I feel like there is lack, there are victims or that it shouldn’t have happened.

This type of disaster brings people together like nothing else. They oftentimes come when we need such togetherness. Nature doesn’t mind the fire, but we do because we hold on to our physical life as though it has meaning. In all the fires, only one person has died and only 4 firefighters have been seriously burned. That’s incredible odds. Seeing this as a disaster causes me suffering. Seeing this as an incredible success only leads me to joy. What do you think?

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