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How can I be of service?

  Last week I was “supposed to” be in my car driving. Somewhere. I know I’m going north, east, then north again, then south and then west with some other directions tossed in for filing.  I don’t yet know my exact destination except to  #bindercon {} which is a women and gender non-conformist writers’ conference in NYC. 

However my car,  who’s simple repair has taken days to complete, apparently has other ideas. Maybe she doesn’t want to go on this long journey? For whatever reason, she’s choosing the shop. 

So, I’m in a rental.  I get to practice  how & where to stay in a safe manner, this weekend. I get to figure out my sleeping car mattress and some other stuff such as where to shower. 

My adventure has begun though. My mantra is ‘how can I be of service to myself and others?’  

Without sacrificing my health or well-being, I’m inviting situations that will help me to continue to grow and develop. I’m also looking to have a very good time. 

So here’s the meditation to start this journey. 

As usual I ground my body to the center of the Earth. Saying hello to the earth, cosmos and sky, I allow their energy to flow in and out of my body, creating a cycle of connection. 
In my mind’s eye, I see before me a symbol of my journey. In this case, a lotus blossom or crown chakra. I ground the symbol and ask all non-helpful energies to step out,  returning to their origins, never to return to me. 

I end all contracts and allow only former new and conscious creation. 

Any and all helpful and capable beings can line the road, coming when I call or if I’m in dire need of help and for some  reason, can’t call. 

The road is set at platinum. And the intention is awareness, joy and taking this next step to many things, but mostly the understanding that I no longer need to seek aapproval, that there is no lack, only the perception of lack as well as a huge permission to vibrate at the highest possible frequencies. 

Everything I need will come to me. All is well. 

Coming up out of trance I feel a deep peace. I’m ready. Thank you car for giving me the space to prepare completely. All happens exactly as its meant to, or it would happen differently. 

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