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Time to Let Go

Much like this side room in the picture, some parts of ourselves would be better permanently detached. What type of structure would this be if it were allowed to let go? The hole could be repaired and the home itself could be made right. 

This particular house looks like it had foundation issues. 

While some relationships need to be stopped to save you, sometimes it is our own foundation that needs repair or rebuilding before anyone new can come in. 

I’m on this trip across country. As I drive I’m thinking about my relation th God ( used loosely), self and others. 

So much, quite a bit or some of what I do in relation to myself and others is habit. 

The way we greet ‘how are you, fine fine, to if there’s a hug or not, what the nature of the conversation is, etc, is all habit. 

Over the next few days I’m going to be discussing habit, and making myself more aware of what this brain wiring is about, and see where change is needed. 

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