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It’s Been Awhile …How much is enough?

IMG_2187 3What is the price of your soul?

How many times do you need to be told you’re good enough, smart enough, worthy enough compared to the number of times you have to be told you are awful, before you believe it? Why are you willing to believe the negative before the positive?

What do you have to give away before you feel you should get what you want? How much is enough?

I’ve recently had the experience of two different friends not choosing to be my friend any more. Now granted, I am surrounded by loving people. I am cared for, desired and wished well of. One friend walks away because she decided I was selfish and another because she didn’t like who she became when she was around me. Am I willing to believe what they have to say? Yes, but only if I am willing to believe all the good things other friends say about me.

As above, so below. I can only be as good as I can be bad. I can only be as joyful as I can be sorrowful. I can only hate to the degree that I can love. I can only be in my body to the degree that I can be outside of it. If we are everything, then we are all that and a bowl of chips.

So, pay attention. Be willing to believe that you can be selfish, but only if you are willing to believe that you can be selfless. Be willing to believe that you are not worthy or wanted only if you are equally willing to believe that you are both worthy and wanted. Both or all of it can be true. The question is, what will you do with the belief?

Do you allow the belief to stop you in your tracks or propel you up the mountain? Do you allow the belief to open your heart or shut it down forever? Can you love, despite or because of the pain? I believe you can.

So how much are you worth? Are you worth the price another places on you or are you willing to set your own worth, your own price?

I believe you can do the latter. Be mindful and believe that which makes you feel good.

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