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I’m here to serve. This requires action

I am here only to be truly helpful.

I am here to represent Him Who sent me.

I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do,

because He Who sent me will direct me.

I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me.

I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.


I’ve recently come across this prayer from “A Course in Miracles” which is an amazing book with incredible ideas.

I write today to remind you that you are unique and can create, and in order to create, action is required.

I tend to spend time waiting for the miracle. Perhaps I am the miracle. Perhaps you are. Perhaps whatever the action is needed, it will be enough.

It is said that everything has already been created, but what action do you need to take to make the world you want, the life you want, the world you want created.

“I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank You” says one version of  Hooponopono.

It’s not my fault, but it is my responsibility to create my world so everyone gets a fair break. And action is necessary.


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