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I Talk to the Animals

And you can too!

Wouldn’t it be great to know what your best friend is thinking?  I’m expanding my business where I not only read your animal companion but teach you to do this, too.

Sit back for a moment and close your eyes. Ground your body as I’ve shown you before in previous blogs, drop that grounding cord to the center of the earth, then find the center of your head.

From this vantage point you can see your whole world. See an image of your animal companion then see a cartoon bubble above the head. What does s/he have to offer you in ways of communication? It could be verbal, you could hear a word or see a color or vibration? What do you see?

I speak to the animals using my actual voice, showing them pictures and words and giving them psychic tools such as grounding and communication. My girlfriend has an aging cat who gets nervous sometimes. She sees in her mind’s eye – nose and pictures the two of them touching noses. This quiets his mewing every time.

There are so many ways to speak with the animals in our lives, regardless of their form.

Come to class, contact me and lets see what we can discover!






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