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5 sweet ways to relax

TRY PAUSING :   When you get into the car, before driving off, connect a grounding cord to the earth, say a brief prayer, take a couple of deep breaths – what ever it takes to pause for just a moment.

SCHEDULE EACH DAY : Knowing that what I have scheduled is on the books is really freeing.

PUT DOWN YOUR ELECTRONICS: Get up 15 minutes early or plan 15 minutes in the day to do nothing. Put down the phone, the computer and take a walk, BREATHE!

KEEP YOUR WORD: Making promises and not keeping them is really stressful. However, if you can’t keep the promise, be on time etc, be honest about it and stay calm in the moment. Fussing about it won’t change it.

DO YOUR BEST:  This isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, but it’s a great way to relax. Knowing you’re doing your best in any given moment is a great way to stay relaxed.

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