Much like this side room in the picture, some parts of ourselves would be better permanently detached. What type of structure would this be if it were allowed to let go? The hole could be repaired and the home itself could be made right.  This particular house looks like it had foundation issues.  WhileContinue reading “Relationships¬†“

Ways to Release Grief

Find grief in your body, your mind, your soul. It’s there, even if it lingers from something as simple from remembering how you felt when you lost a toy, to the loss of your child, mother or partner to death, or something else. Sit and just feel the heaviness of that grief. Now, let’s startContinue reading “Ways to Release Grief”

I AM Unworthy, I’m not Deserving.. Liar

First of all, I AM – this is true. Unworthy? Not Deserving? This is impossible. It cannot be. Ever. At any time. There is no time you cannot be unworthy or not deserving. The idea of worthiness or deserving also don’t exist, but most of us wander around the planet with a belief we areContinue reading “I AM Unworthy, I’m not Deserving.. Liar”

You are what you eat, and think

Feelings as the creator  You, I, we are the ultimate creator. Some believe there is one Source, and we are the manifestation of that one source, so that it can have expression in physical form. Others believe that there is only us, we, it – that the world is a hologram existing from our perspective.Continue reading “You are what you eat, and think”

Hello World! Welcome to my first blog. Breathe

This is my very first blog post! Hello and Welcome to my page. My name is Paula Bowden. I’m a psychic, medium, trainer, Evidence Based Life Coach and amateur photographer. I have my MA in Organizational Development, and I’m an all around cool chick. I’m available for readings, healing, training, motivational speaking, classes and more.Continue reading “Hello World! Welcome to my first blog. Breathe”