5 session class

5 week meditation experience

Class 1

90 min All Classes via Zoom

Spend 90 minutes learning about energy, grounding and find your clairvoyant space.

- this will give you a really strong sense of understanding where you end and other people and things, begin. Learn to move in and out of your body with autonomy

Class 2

60 min the same week as class 1

Having the class in the same week will cement the idea of grounding and we will start to understand how to control your empathetic nature. Understand male and female grounding

Class 3 60 min

Begin to work with spirit in the body. Know and understand the difference between your voice and an outside voice. Learn about moving in and out of the body, on purpose

Class 4 60 min

Learn deeper understanding of moving in and out of the body. Understand how to prepare the body for channeling

Class 5 90 min

Use all the basic skills above, preparing the body, then complete healing yourself, both in and out of the body.



Energy management

Knowing self from other

Communication with spirit


"At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.” – Frida Kahlo

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